WHY NOT TAKE CARE OF THE DISPOSAL MY SELF?Well for starters, your already doing the hard work, I .e putting away and sorting out whatever you want to get rid of and we all know that is a tedious task. Once sorted there comes a need to pile it all up until the actual disposal and where ever in your house will you have room for a load of old furniture or anything else you intend to put away?That is where you need us. We take care of it for you including transferring your waste to respectable disposal sites so you can get back to living life. skip binsHOW DOES THE HIRING OF A SKIP BIN WORK?The first step is to determine your waste and the quantity of it. Then comes the important part where you have to decide the size of the skip bins to house the waste you intend to get rid of.The sizing of the bin and all questions related to your disposal are inquires we are most often familiar with and happy to help with. I am sure our efficient team will not disappoint you and I assure you are in good hands, in fact you’re with the best in the business.

Skip bins are usually place in the client’s location for a period of seven day but of course we can work around your schedule. A delivery truck is just a call away and we can have it out of your way in no time or even extent the hire period for the times your plans don’t suffice as you intend them to.WHAT CAN I PLACE IN A SKIP BIN?I’ll tell you what you can’t because that list is way simpler. Well here goes.The items we will not accept are Liquid paints, Poisons, Chemicals, Toxic Waste, Batteries, Tyres, Gas bottles, Oils and lastly Asbestos because releasing them irresponsibility will cause irrevocable damage to the already deteriorating condition of the environment. All the rest we take and that is the last you will hear of it!

We believe that most often people cause pollution unintentionally, and have taken it upon ourselves to educate them on orderly disposal of what they discard.What harm will just a small plastic bottle cause you would think to yourself but imagine the consequences of seven billion people thinking that same way? That is why we need to take accountability for our waste disposal same in a responsible manner.

WHAT DO I DO WITH WHAT A SKIP BIN WONT TAKE AWAY?Your answer lies within the city council you reside or operate your business in, waste management is under the respective city council and each may advice you on the many options available to responsibly dispose the items that are hazardous.