Keeping Up With The Trends

May 18, 2017 Off By Alexandra Chambers

Everybody loves to be trendy and stay onboard with the bipolar fashion changes that occur almost month to month. There are many different types of fashion trends, from beauty products, accessories, cosmetics, to shoes and clothes. We learn of these fashion trends mostly through social media apps like Facebook, Snapchat, and of course –Instagram; one of the world’s best trend promoting app. Instagram sponsors a lot of trendy items so that it grabs people’s attention when it pops up on their newsfeed. It is also a trend that many YouTubers vlog about thereby again promoting and testing the products out on camera for their many viewers. The modern day trends sometimes hold for a year or two. The constant buzz on off shoulder tops has not yet passed by and forecasts a long run; with the added on one shoulder effect. Similarly, camouflage printed or khaki colored items seem to be the hot-topic of the year. Most fashion shows dominated the runway with their army-themed wonders and shortly after received a well-deserved standing ovation. 

However, customized wristbands seem to be taking over social media with their promotional offers like the “couple special” where the lovebirds could get their significant other’s name engraved on silicone wristbands. Cheesy, on a personal rated opinion, but many individuals actually do prefer a cheesy type of love. However, a majority of people may agree that the recent trends certainly do get out of hand sometimes. There is the freckle tattoo trend; granted, beauty does come in many different types of ways, and as general society people need to accept and support that. But freckle tattoos and stickers? It is certainly an interesting concept, but not as interesting as the latest fashion trend at most of the well-recognized men’s fashion shows like Michael Kors, Fendi, Versace, and even Emporio Armani – Lanyards.

Whether you want jeweled, colored, branded, personalized or even a unique promotional lanyards, now is the time to show it off because they are now a fashion trend. Who ever thought lanyards would make it to the trendy mark of its existence? Then there’s the 3D Nail art. It does have certain flair to it, and it looks moderate, but it anyone considering how it would affect your daily routine tasks that consider using your hands and fingers? Nonetheless, the Kardashian and Jenner family has made a huge impact on so many people’s lives and they seem to be the mega trend setters of the century. The youngest of the litter, Kylie Jenner happened to get her lips done and now there are a whole throng of girls lining up outside a clinic to get on board with the same procedure. In contrast, some trends are actually socially acceptable, while others are not. Trends that are external are okay, however deception based on your looks is crossing a boundary.