Necessary Factors For Ecommerce Order Fulfilment

November 20, 2021 Off By Alexandra Chambers

ecommerce order fulfilment

Ecommerce has changed the world we live in. now you can just think of an item, tap in your mobile and that will be delivered to your doorstep. But in the background, all the process is not that simple as it sounds. Any eCommerce company needs a complete supply chain that will help them to source the merchandise and deliver it to their customers. The crucial KPI of any eCommerce business is ecommerce order fulfilment and any eCommerce company with a higher rate of ecommerce order fulfilment will be considered successful. The higher ecommerce order fulfilment rates mean more satisfied customers and a better customer retention rate. But to achieve higher ecommerce order fulfilment, there are many critical factors to be considered;

  • Technology: When it comes to eCommerce, technology is the backbone of the eCommerce business. Firstly, you need to have a platform that can be accessible by the website or an app. Then the item bought by the customer needs to be communicated to your distribution centre. Then then the item will be picked from the warehouse or order from the supplier. After picking the item, it will be delivered to the customer as per their given address. Throughput this process, the order status visibility is very important because if no one is tracking what’s the actual order status then it will not be delivered on time.
  • Warehousing: Another backbone for ecommerce order fulfilment is warehousing. Without proper warehousing in place, the eCommerce business will be unable to keep any in-house inventory and also will not be able to pack the order, to dispatch further. The warehousing reduces the delivery time for the customer. As when there will be in-hand inventory for the item that has been ordered by a customer. Warehouses also worked as a distribution centre for the eCommerce business, where they can consolidate their supplies of merchandise, store their inventory, pick the item and pack the item to hand over to the logistics partner for delivery
  • Logistics Partner: It is also a critical factor. Usually, the eCommerce doesn’t have their transportation fleet and they have to take service any external logistic partner in terms of their fleet. Selecting the right transportation partner will ensure timely and complete delivery. The service level agreement needs to be locked with a logistic partner so that you can measure their performance. Whenever selecting the logistic partner always ensure they have variety in their fleet plus having the reach that can serve your customer. Because in eCommerce business the reach of the logistic partner is defining factors, that will expand your customer base and you will be able to serve more customer. An efficient logistic partner helps to increase the rate of ecommerce order fulfilment. If you want that your ecommerce order fulfilment keeps increasing then choosing the right logistics partner is pivotal. For more information visit our website: