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August 2, 2022 Off By Alexandra Chambers

 dental crown prahran

Lifetime Dental has been offering patients and the surrounding suburbs quality care of dental crown in South Yarra. We have licence dentists who specialise in restorative, cosmetic, and general dentistry. We have established a solid reputation in and around the South Yarra neighbourhood thanks to our dedication to offering the finest calibre of dental care. Dentist South Yarra is well-equipped to offer the people of South Yarra cutting-edge dental care and treatments. We take pride in making sure that everyone who visits our dental office in South Yarra feels welcome from the moment they walk in the door until they leave after receiving treatment. We offer a wide range of dental services, as well as professional advice and direction for your particular dental needs.

Our Services Are As Follows:

Root canal

The discomfort brought on by damaged or ill pulp tissue can be lessened by our root canal procedure. To make your treatment as pain-free and comfortable as possible, we employ local aesthetics during the process.

Implants in the teeth

Dental implants are an option if you are self-conscious about your smile because you have missing teeth. At Life Time Dental, we offer dental implants that are anchored to the jawbone and are reasonably priced. This is permitted to recover so that it will be stronger and produce the finest results.

Teeth Whitening:

At Lifetime Dental, we employ cutting-edge teeth-whitening methods that can produce the desired outcomes. Your teeth’s discoloration will be treated using the best way after we ascertain the cause. In order to improve and maintain your smile, our dentists South Yarra will also provide you with oral dental care advice.


Even though there are numerous ways to replace your missing teeth, dentures are highly advantageous because they can preserve your underlying facial structure and make it simpler to converse and digest food properly. Our dentures are made specifically for each patient to offer complete comfort and ideal dental performance.


You may want to think about getting orthodontic treatment if your teeth are not correctly aligned and are significantly affecting how you look. To treat your condition, one of our skilled dentists will evaluate your situation and decide whether braces, Envisaging, or TMJ products are necessary. Your whole health greatly depends on maintaining good oral health. Regular brushing and flossing may keep your teeth strong and beautiful.

South Yarra dentist offers Envisaging

Making the best Envisaging South Yarra treatment choice might be challenging. Happily, you may relax knowing that Lifetime dental crown in Prahran is the top provider of clear orthodontic devices like Envisaging. You will be shown the entire process ahead of you as well as the ideal smile that awaits you once your treatment is complete when you come in for your initial appointment for either Envisaging clear aligners. Additionally, dentists in South Yarra at Life Time Dental routinely offer Envisaging special discounts, significantly lowering the already low cost of the treatment.